Creek Locaters FZC
Lubricants, Greases, Automotive and Industrial oils
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Creek Lubricants Ltd.,
based in Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates

Lubricants, Greases, Automotive and Industrial oils.
Our Products
Premium quality lubricants and greases from our state of the art ISO 9001 and 14001 certified blending plants.
Our Brands
Creek Lubricants is internationally recognized and trusted for its outstanding performance and it is also known for its consistent quality and competitive pricing.
Our Capacity
We have the production and storage capacity in the UAE sufficient to provide uninterrupted supply and prompt short notice delivery.

Creek Locaters FZC started producing quality lubricants in 2006. Creek Locaters FZC are the manufacturers of every kind of Lubricants, Greases, Automotive and Industrial oils.

Creek Huile Essence
Creek Huile Essence is a top quality multi purpose oil with innovative conception, designed with highly refined base stock and specially selected additive package which resist wear under all operating condition by forming a protective layer on contact surface.

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Creek Huile Moteur
Creek Huile Moteur is a good quality oil formulated with highly refined base stock and balance additive package in order to clean sulphur contents of the engine and provide protection from high temprature deposit and rust corrision in light super charged diesel engine.

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Creek 2 Stroke Engine Oil
Creek 2 Stroke Engine Oil Specifically design for 2 stroke motorcycle engine Creek oil ensures that your bikes Engine is protected duing the most stressful Start -Stop-Go Condition and cold Start ups.

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Creek Gear Oil
Creek Gear (EP) lubricants is a premium grade gear oil specifically engineered for maximum performance in severe duty applications. It is formulated to use in Bevel,spiral bevel, Helical and Hypoid enclosed gear boxes.

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