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Proforce 15W40

Proforce 15W40

Proforce 15W40 are engine oils for different 4-stroke diesel and petrol engines. High-quality base oils enhanced through advanced additive technology guarantee optimum reliable lubrication over the entire temprature range. Thanks to high oxidation stability, Proforce allows extended servicing intervals.

Proforce 15W40 was developed for four-stroke petrol and diesel engines with or without turbos; it can be used in commercial vehicles, work machines or industrial units as well as passenger vehicles, making it the ideal motor oil for a mixed fleet of vehicles.

-Good viscosity-temprature characteristics
-Low volatility loss and minimal oil consumption
-Excellent for a clean engine
-Shear-stable (stays in grade)

PF1540-1 15W40 API CI4/SL 12x1L Plastic
PF1540-1 15W40 API CI4/SL 12x1L Plastic
PF1540-2 15W40 API CI4/SL 4x5L Plastic
PF1540-3 15W40 API CI4/SL 20L Plastic
PF1540-4 15W40 API CI4/SL 25L Plastic
PF1540-5 15W40 API CI4/SL 208L Steel Drum
PF1540-6 15W40 API CI4/SL 208L Plastic
Viscosity Index Viscosity at 100°C Viscosity at 40°C Flash Point°C Pour Point°C
113 15 135 ≥200 -24

Note – The values provided are within a +-10% range