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Proforce GO140

Proforce GO140

RPM Gear Oil GL4 has low pour points and high temp properties to provide lubrication over a wide temperature range. This versatile lubricant contains anti-rust and anti-wear EP additives to provide the corrosion protection in drives and hypoid gears.It is not corrosive to copper, bronze, or other non-ferrous alloy bearings and bushings

Auto, truck and bus standard transmissions and differentials requiring API/GL-3 and GL-4 oils

-Excellent protection from wear for longer gear life
-Smooth gear engagement for minimum power loss
-Superior Lubrication at all operating temperatures

RPMGO140-1 EP140 API GL-4 12x1L Metal Can
RPMGO140-2 EP140 API GL-4 20L Plastic
RPMGO140-3 EP140 API GL-4 25L Plastic
RPMGO140-1 EP140 API GL-4 208L Steel Drum
Viscosity Index Viscosity at 100°C Viscosity at 40°C Flash Point°C Pour Point°C
97 27 377 ≥200 -24

Note – The values provided are within a +-10% range