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Proforce HD40

Proforce HD40

Proforce HD40 is a performance heavy duty engine oil primarily intended for use in gasoline automotive engines of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and farm equipment. It may also be used in diesel engines of commercial vehicles and contractor equipment. It is formulated from high quality mineral base oils and an additive system to provide the good performance required for modern combustion engines. It contains an effective balance of detergents and dispersants to minimize the formation of sludge, deposits, retain alkalinity and reduce wear.

Proforce HD40 is recommended for the lubrication of gasoline engines for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and farm equipment as well as diesel engines for commercial vehicles and contractor equipment. They can also be used in gear and hydraulic applications if the builder approves the use of engine oils.

-Helps control engine cleanliness
-Good protection against wear and corrosion
-Low oil consumption
-Reduced inventory costs for mixed fleet operations

PF40-1 HD40 API CI-4/SL 12x1L Plastic
PF40-2 HD40 API CI-4/SL 4x5L Plastic
PF40-3 HD40 API CI-4/SL 20L Plastic
PF40-4 HD40 API CI-4/SL 25L Plastic
PF40-5 HD40 API CI-4/SL 208L Steel Drum
PF40-6 HD40 API CI-4/SL 208L Plastic Drum
Viscosity Index Viscosity at 100°C Viscosity at 40°C Flash Point°C Pour Point°C
113 15 135 ≥200 -24

Note – The values provided are within a +-10% range